Friday, 31 October 2008

Its that Friday Feeling

Had parents night last night for Grant (youngest son), he is in third year at secondary school and all is hunky dory....Star pupil bless
Went online to try and buy TAKE THAT tickets for Hampden Stadium in Glasgow and......yipeeeee I got them for June next year..
Posted off goodies to all the people on docrafts that have been waiting forever and a day for them but forgot to take pics of the cards so gonna have to be cheeky and ask them to do it for
Weather is horrible here today, its raining cats and dogs and even my birdies ain't been for their feed yet.....
Got to go out and get food shopping tonight so will miss all the trick and treaters,
Got visitors comming and Ronnie going to Oasis concert with his mate, I was going to go but his mates g/f dont like them and I'm too polite to say tough I'm going,
Have a great weekend whatever you are doing......

Jackie xx

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Pink Diamond Workshop said...

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