Thursday, 29 January 2009

WOW, 2 special awards!!

The lovely Paula has given these 2 special awards....Thanks all I have to do is tell you 5 interesting facts about me that you would never guess, god this is hard because I'm such a boring so and
Here goes....

1. I HATE jam.....ewww the thought of it makes my tum turn....

2. I would rather eat Ice Cream and Ice Lollies than a meal....

3. I am the smallest in the family, even 14 year old Grant is towering above me,
not hard at 5ft

4. I had Lenny Henry run his fingers through my hair....omg is that my claim to

5. I won the scottish gas cooking competition at school....god knows how that
happened I used an electric cooker at

Now have to pick 5 people to pass it on to....

1. Kirsty

2. Liza

3. Suzi

4. Lorraine

5. nnalorac

Look forward to reading your answers girls

Jackie xx

1 comment:

liza said...

thankyou jackie for the awards now to get my thinking cap on lol will do it tomoz xox