Thursday, 29 January 2009

WOW, 2 special awards!!

The lovely Paula has given these 2 special awards....Thanks all I have to do is tell you 5 interesting facts about me that you would never guess, god this is hard because I'm such a boring so and
Here goes....

1. I HATE jam.....ewww the thought of it makes my tum turn....

2. I would rather eat Ice Cream and Ice Lollies than a meal....

3. I am the smallest in the family, even 14 year old Grant is towering above me,
not hard at 5ft

4. I had Lenny Henry run his fingers through my hair....omg is that my claim to

5. I won the scottish gas cooking competition at school....god knows how that
happened I used an electric cooker at

Now have to pick 5 people to pass it on to....

1. Kirsty

2. Liza

3. Suzi

4. Lorraine

5. nnalorac

Look forward to reading your answers girls

Jackie xx

I've Been TAGGED!!!!

WOW, I dunno if this is a good thing or been tagged by Kirsty once you see the pic I'm sure you will understand if its a good thing or
Mine is a pic of my in the swimming pool during our holiday in Turkey last year, oh to have that heat and sun again!!! I have to choose some peeps to pass the tag onto....

Ok so this seems to be spreading supper fast around the blogland....."all you need to do is go to the place where you keep your pics, choose the 6th folder and the 6th Picture, pop it onto your blog and explain!" easy peazy!

1. Vanessa

2. Jackie

3. Gina

cant wait to see those pics girls....xx

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Wooops look at the time.....

Well I cant get to sleep, my house is like a jumble sale, got boxes everywhere and got to live like this until Friday...We have already taken at least 10 huge boxes and 10 black bags of rubbish to the tip, got rid of loads but still about 40 boxes to go through....boys decided that theres some of their toys they want to keep for when they have their own kids but I have made them go through everything with a fine toothcomb and make sure its not rubbish theyre keeping....the amount of toys up there was embaressing..god they were really spoilt...
Found a couple of boxes of LP's and had a little trip down memory lane even got the
1st 8 'Now that's What I Call Music' on LP, must have gone upmarket after that and bought them on for the photos my god who the hell invented the shell suit should have been shot, me in a shell suit with a poodle perm now thats a sight you dont wanna see!!!!
Still looking for a box with all the boys 1st outfits and bits and bobs from the hospital because want to make them all scrapbooks and keepsake boxes, the lovely Gina gave me the idea because she is making one for her baby grandaughter....Anyways thats my little catch up best get off to bed and get some sleep, hope you are all well in blogland wherever you are.....hugs and happy crafting.....

Jackie xx

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Dads Birthday Cards

made with papernation die cut decoupage and papers, some bling peel offs from stash, jagged edge done with xcut punch.

Made with a pic found on the internet, watercoloured with pencils, paper is another download from the net and cut into 4 from a nestie, some bling peel offs and ribbon from stash. Sentiment from rubber stamp from clever cuts.

Finally got dad's cards uploaded, these are my 1st cards made since had my op, they took me ages even though theyre not fussy or anything, but he loved them and that's all that matters....After making cards for the family for years it get harder to some up with something defferent for all the men in my life....

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sunny Saturday....

The sun has got its hat on here in sunny Stonehaven, got the washing on the line and its nice to watch it blowing in the breeze, instead of the house looking like a chinese laundry....I managed to make a couple of cards for my dads birthday and only got the finishing touches to make to them so will get pics taken and upload them later. Hope the weather is nice wherever you are, hugs and happy crafting

Jackie xx

Friday, 16 January 2009

That Fantasic Friday Feeling Just Better.....3 Awards Just For Me!!!

Stuck to my resolution and went blog hopping found some fantastic blogs and the cards were just stunning....Anyways one of the lovely ladies Lorraine has given me 3 awards, this has cheered me up no end and makes me even more determined to keep up my new years resolution and be a good blogger.....
I have to tell you 5 things that I am addicted to so here goes.....

1. Life...its too short not to enjoy it.

2. The Internet...spend most of my day on here just now

3. Shopping.......on the internet just now, cant remember last shop I was

4. Stroking lovely

5. Buying Rubber Stamps

I have to pass it onto another 5 bloggers and hopefully it will make their day too.

1. Jackie

2. Mina

3. Debs

4. Michele

5. Ruth

hope you all enjoy your awards....Hugs and Happy Crafting

Jackie xx